R5 Westchester Most Eligible Singles: Roxanne Rabasco

Roxanne Rabasco

Age: 35  Into: Men  Location: Port Chester Day gig: Senior director of Digital & Social Media Marketing Relationship history: Never married, no kids Fun fact: Had to dye her hair red when she played Annie in her 4th-grade play Always on her DVR: Reality shows Recently became addicted to: Working out Childhood career ambitions: Astronaut, archeologist, lawyer, and lobbyist  Her family calls her: Martha Stewart—because she loves to entertain


My friends describe me as witty—which is a nice way of saying ‘wise-ass’; outgoing—which is a nice way of saying I will pretty much talk to anyone; generous—I will fight every time to pay for dinner and adamantly refuse to show up empty-handed; and loyal. I am the one person in the group that will always ‘bottom-line’ it for you—I just hate beating around the bush and tiptoeing around issues. Let’s just get to the point and move on!  

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I’m-a-catch-because Tweet: Smart but not arrogant. Stylish but not too sophisticated. Funny but not annoying. Caring but not overwhelming. #IDontLike2Brag
My friends kid me about: How picky I am 
Favorite Twitter account: The Huffington Post. I just love their snarky, sarcastic tone of writing. 
Can’t-live-without-it app: Spotify—music on my daily commute is an absolute necessity.
Guilty indulgence: Cheetos Twisted Puffs—oh my God, I can’t believe I am admitting to this!
Hobbies: Traveling—I want my passport to be covered—shopping, reading, and working out.


Fave romantic date spot: A candlelit winery or vineyard at sunset.  
Funniest dating experience: Running into his father on our first date at 3 am in a bar—awkward!


Must be: Smart, thoughtful, generous, witty, fun-loving, challenges me, supports me, and is open to new things. I like someone that thinks deeply about life, faith, and love—and makes decisions based on their own conclusions and doesn’t just follow blindly. 
I’m looking for: As lame as this sounds, my best friend—someone who genuinely likes hanging out with me. 
First-date deal-breaker: Incessant complaining—it’s like nails on a chalkboard.

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