R5 Westchester County Interior Designers on Popular Colors and Hues for the Fall Season

Gray is definitely the new neutral.”
—Susan Marocco, Susan Marocco Interiors Bedford

Gray has been the superstar of the past few seasons, but now it is a warmer gray, with a bit more beige and less like a cold, architectural gray.”
—Lyn Peterson, Founder Motif Designs, Mount Vernon 

Sage and gold are popular, with splashes of strong colors like purple for accents.”
—Georgene Mongarella, Owner The Color Schemer, Scarsdale

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Orange has been hot and is still going strong.”
—Linda Yepez Linda Yepez Interiors LLC, Millwood

I see a lot of silver in wallpaper and fabrics and even sheers and carpets.”
—Beata Buhl-Tatka, Owner Beata Buhl Interiors, Inc., Armonk 

With research by Samantha Snowden