R5 This Month’s Holidays: April 2013

April 5—National Walk to Work Day • Established in 2004 by US Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy G. Thompson, National Walk to Work Day was created to draw attention to the need for exercise and daily health practices. Plan to walk for at least 30 minutes on April 5—or, if you work in the City, a lot longer!

April 11—National 8-Track Tape Day • Do you remember the last time that you listened to 46 straight minutes of your favorite ’70s tunes? You don’t? All the more reason  to toss your iPod aside on this day and dig out your player to revisit some of your favorite old-school jams.

April—National Grilled Cheese Month • Grilled cheese, which hit the scene during the Great Depression, started as a deliciously affordable, open-faced sandwich topped with melted cheese. Now, grilled cheese has become an American staple and an opportunity for creative license—the culinary avant-garde and home chefs alike are adding anything you can imagine to the simple bread-cheese-bread delight—so much so that it has its own month.

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Brilliant botanists, skillful strummers, and poetic proficients, your artfulness is appreciated: April is also Lawn and Garden Month, International Guitar Month, and National Poetry Month.