R5 Super Bowl Sunday Pizza Delivery Statistics

Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest days of the year for pizza delivery (the others are New Year’s Day/New Year’s Eve, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Eve). Here are some estimates from local pie joints on just how much busier they will likely be for this year’s big game.

Pizza Place Typical Day
# Pies Delivered
Super Bowl Sunday
# Pies Delivered
Planet Pizza,
White Plains
250 (approx.) 300 to 400
Pizza! Pizza!,
Mount Vernon
50 to 75  300 (approx.)
Modern Restaurant and
Pizzeria, New Rochelle
150 (approx.) 250 (approx.)
Bellizzi Restaurant,
Mount Kisco
75 to 100 150 to 200
A No 1 Pizza, 
New Rochelle
60 to 70 120 to 150
T&J Pizza and Pasta, 
Port Chester
75 (approx.) 125 (approx.)