R5 St. Charles’ Ingenious, Original Kitchen Counter Extension

While a picture is indeed worth a thousand words—or in this case 165—just one word comes to mind when describing this new kitchen counter extension from St. Charles of New York: ingenious. Designed by Karen Williams as part of her Signature Elements collection, Autour is a versatile unit that offers maximum functionality—it can be used for prepping, serving, and/or storing—within a minimal footprint. It’s perfect for casual kitchen gatherings; foods can be prepared, cut, and presented directly on the wood-topped surface while a hidden drawer with a built-in knife block keeps utensils conveniently at hand. An open shelf also allows for storage or display of a decorative object. Designed to complement existing St. Charles cabinetry, Autour can be custom-fabricated with a choice of wood—the piece shown features a black walnut top and an Anigre veneer base—paint, and stain. It can be purchased through a consultation with St. Charles in Manhattan by calling (212) 838-2812. Price varies per project.