R5 Second Acts

mirror mirror

Recycled magazines form a sunburst frame on this whimsical mirror, 35 inches in diameter. Two’s Company, Elmsford ➤ $250

opposites attract

Magnetic bottle caps with fun sayings add a whimsical touch to your fridge. Suburban Groove, Bedford Hills➤ $3 each or $18 for a pack of six.

a glass act

Table settings take on a new glow with these handcrafted recycled glass chargers, plates, and bowls. Sol-La Handmade Gifts, Scarsdale ➤$20 to $120

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yesterday’s news

Old papers become today’s newsprint bins for collecting linens, magazines, or, yes, even newspapers. Woven from hand-rolled, 100-percent repurposed newspaper and finished with a light matte lacquer to prevent ink from smudging or transferring. The Container Store, White Plains ➤ small ($9.99), medium ($14.99), and large ($19.99)


found in translation

Finished with authentic Japanese newspapers and magazines, each wastebasket is a unique work of art. The Container Store, White Plains ➤ $24.99



coasting along

Recycled magazines take on new life as drink coasters, Soho East, Irvington ➤ $4.50 each

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back to nature

Woven birch bark trays bring a touch of the outdoors in. OOCK, Bedford Village ➤ small ($9.99), medium ($24), and large ($30)

high-tech redux

Picture-perfect frames, fashioned from recycled electronic motherboards, Two’s Company, Elmsford ➤ 6” x 8”, $16.50; 3” x 3” $12.50

chain gang

Bicycle chains find new life as a durable—and weighty—bowl. Suburban Groove, Bedford Hills ➤ $90