R5 Rob Thomas Answers Your Questions

Before Editor-in-Chief Esther Davidowitz interviewed musician Rob Thomas, we asked our fans on Facebook to send us questions for the 39-year-old Bedford resident. Our fans asked—and, here, Rob Thomas answers.

Caroline Gengo Di Domencio: Can you tell me what is the secret to your successful marriage with your gorgeous wife?
Rob Thomas: Being friends is the closest thing we’ve found for the reason we are together.

Westchester Philharmonic: The musicians of the Westchester Philharmonic are wondering if you’d ever consider a performance with us. The music of Rob Thomas with a world-class symphonic back-up band? We’d be honored.
Rob Thomas: Yes! That would be great. And I wouldn’t have to wait until I’m 60 years old like Sting. We could do it now!

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Ellen Sluder: When you are on the road, what do you do to stay connected to home?
Rob Thomas: We built a bus that is our home. We have a bedroom in the back. I take my home with me.

Kali Lau Marino: What’s your favorite restaurant and/or place to hang out in Westchester?
Rob Thomas: Le Jardin du Roi, Grappolo, Café of Love, and Lolita in Greenwich—it’s like a SoHo place. My favorite place to hang out in Westchester is my home.

Michael Koren: How can I audition to be your regular rhythm guitar player in your studio and touring band?
Rob Thomas: You can’t. We already have that position filled.