R5 Reality Bites

Gina Keir, public relations director for the Katonah Museum of Art, has been MIA from the county since January, along with her husband, film editor Andy Keir. Packed up the kids and the car and just disappeared. [Cue scary music.]

Recently, Westchester Magazine learned that Gina has resurfaced in Bon Temps, Louisiana, and, sadly, that she has turned vampire. At least for episodes eight and nine of season two of True Blood, the addictive new HBO vampire series. It seems she was drawn into this unsavory world by her very own husband, who received the American Cinema Editors Award for best-edited one-hour series for his work on the pilot; he also is responsible for the deliciously perverse opening montage.

That “other” Gina people have seen walking around in the daytime, working as a “publicist” in Katonah, is a cover, the “bad-ass, serious vampire” confesses.
The couple is mum on the vampiric escapades of the season, but do warn that “it is way more intense. Buckle your seatbelts, baby,” she advises. The second helping of True Blood started June 14.