R5 Quizchester

Part 1

Multiple Choice

1. Westchester was once the home of a factory that specialized in producing which item that is an essential part of a turkey sandwich platter?

A. Wonder Bread
B. Pickles
C. Potato Chips
D. Mayonnaise
E. Toothpicks

6. The first female self-made millionaire, Madam C.J. Walker, who lived in Irvington, made her fortune by selling what product?

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A. The first non-smudge lipstick
B. Cotton shirts that did not shrink when washed
C. Vitamins
D. One of the first vacuum cleaners
E. Hair-growing tonic

2. According to the Wall Street Journal, which Westchester high school is one of the 50 best schools in the country in terms of getting students into top universities?

A. Horace Greely
B. Hackley
C. Scarsdale High School
D. Rye Country Day
E. No Westchester school made the list.

7. Croton Creek Steakhouse is partially owned by a former contestant on which reality TV show?

A. Survivor
B. The Amazing Race
C. The Mole
D. American Idol
E. The Real World

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3. What is the most popular destination for passengers flying out of Westchester County Airport?

A. Orlando, FL
B. Atlanta, GA
C. Chicago, IL
D. Palm Beach, FL
E. Fort Lauderdale, FL

8. Which Westchester city is trying to build a new baseball park in anticipation of hosting a minor-league team?

A. Yonkers
B. White Plains
C. Peekskill
D. Mount Vernon
E. No Westchester city is doing this.

4. Who was the last Republican to win Westchester in a presidential election?

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A. George W. Bush
B. Bob Dole
C. George H.W. Bush
D. Ronald Reagan
E. Richard Nixon

9. Glen Island in New Rochelle was once the home to what debauched establishment?

A. A brothel
B. A cabaret
C. A casino
D. An adult movie theater
E. A bathhouse

5. According to Zagat, the most popular restaurant in Westchester is which of the following?

A. Blue Hill at Stone Barns
B. X20
C. Frankie and Johnnie’s
D. La Panetière
E. Le Château

10. What is the price of a Miller Lite on a Metro-North train?

A. $2.50
B. $4
C. $5
D. $5.50
E. $6

Part 2


1. Irvington was named after writer Washington Irving. 6. Westchester Philharmonic Conductor Itzhak Perlman has appeared on both Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.
2. The Fordham area of the Bronx was once part of Westchester. 7. The Ritz-Carlton, Westchester, in White Plains has more than 200 rooms.
3. More than 25 percent of Westchester adults have a graduate or professional degree. 8. The Yonkers Marathon, held annually in September, is the oldest marathon in the country.
4. More than 10 percent of Westchester adults are veterans. 9. It is illegal for a 17-year-old in Westchester to use a tanning bed without his or her parents’ permission.
5. The County of Westchester has an entire department devoted to weights and measures. 10. “Rye” can be found in the name of a city, a town, a village, and a hamlet in Westchester.

Part 3

One of these things is not the like the other one (pick the item in the list that doesn’t belong).


Companies with their corporate headquarters in Westchester:

A. Nokia USA
B. MasterCard
C. PepsiCo
D. Kraft Foods
E. Heineken USA

 6. Famous people buried in Westchester:

A. Babe Ruth
B. Lou Gehrig
C. Marilyn Monroe
D. Judy Garland
E. Joan Crawford


Beers made by the Captain Lawrence Brewery in Pleasantville:

A. Liquid Gold
B. Sunblock
C. Nor’ Easter Winter Warmer
D. Captain’s Reserve
E. Lady Lawrence Lager

7. Municipalities named after a Native American:

A. Mount Kisco
B. Kitchawan
C. Katonah
D. Crompond
E. Croton-on-Hudson


Oldest in its class:

A. Restaurant: The Traveler’s Rest in Ossining
B. Cemetery: Richbell Cemetery in Mamaroneck
C. House: The Knapp House in Rye
D. Golf Course: St. Andrews Golf Club in Yonkers
E. Public building: The Children’s Library in New Rochelle

8. High offices held by people who lived in Westchester:

A. U.S. Vice President
B. Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
C. New York Governor
D. First Lady of the United States
E. All of the above were offices held by a Westchesterite.


New York Knicks living in Westchester:

A. Malik Rose 
B. David Lee
C. Eddie Curry
D. Mike D’Antoni
E. Stephon Marbury

9. Products once mass-produced in Westchester:

A. Crayons
B. Sugar
C. Cars
D. Hard candy
E. Carpets


Movies filmed in Westchester:

A. Big
B. Disturbia
C. Meet the Parents
D. The Departed
E. The Good Shepard

10. Stores currently in The Westchester:

A. Tiffany & Co.
B. Apple Store
C. Sharper Image
D. Brookstone
E. All of the above are in The Westchester. 

 Part 4

Extra Credit – questions a little on the zany side

1. Four generations of Rockefellers lived in a palatial mansion in Sleepy Hollow. How do you spell the name of it? (Note, it’s pronunciation rhymes with “high cut.”)

A. Kykut
B. Kiekyit
C. Kiekut
D. Kykuit
E. Kycut

3. If you wanted to visit every area named “Westchester” in the country, which state could you skip?

A. California
B. Illinois
C. Indiana
D. Florida
E. New Hampshire


If Westchester were an apple, what color would it be?

A. Red
B. Green
C. Golden
D. Yellow
E. Westchester would never be an apple.


What the hell is a hamlet?

A. It’s an area with a local government subservient to a town or city government.
B. It’s an area that was once an independent town, but now is part of a larger city or town.
C. It’s a village with a population under 5,000.
D. It’s a recognized community with no governing authority.
E. It’s a part of the county that is not part of any city, town, or village.


Which of the following is not a self-proclaimed Westchester “Turkey Bowl?”

A. A Playland event in which contestants knock down bowling pins by skillfully sliding a frozen rubber bird down the ice for a strike
B. The annual Stepinac/White Plains football game
C. A cook-off, held annually at the Westchester County Center, at which amateur chefs from around Westchester compete to make the best of a specific Thanksgiving dish that changes from year to year
D. A football game played until 1987 between Iona
Prep and New Rochelle High Schools on Thanksgiving day
E. A competition at a local bar in which anyone donating $5 to Habitat for Humanity gets a chance to bowl a frozen turkey trying to make a strike

Part 5

The impossible question


“I wish I was a kid,” is…

A. An inscription over the principal’s office at Mount Vernon High School
B. A quote from John Jay
C. A verse from a song from DMX
D. A line from the movie Big
E. The motto at the White Plains Toys “R” Us


0-10: Go back to Lawn Guyland!
11-20: Re-read our history article.
21-30: Well done; now go forth and share your Westchester wisdom with others.
31+: WOW! You are a true king (or queen) of the county, a wizard of Westchester. Please feel free to send your scorecard in for a complimentary autograph from our editor-in-chief for your framing pleasure.





Part 1
1. B (At the King Pickle Factory in Ardsley)
2. D (Rye Country Day, at number 29!)
3. A (Actually, the answers to the question are in order of popularity, A being first, B being second, etc.)
4. C
5. A
6. E
7. D (Co-owner Kimberly Locke appeared on the 2003 season.)
8. A
9. C
10. A (It’s one of the last great affordable pleasures in New York.)

Part 2
1. True
2. True
3. False; 21.8 percent
4. False; 6.3 percent
5. True (westchestergov.com/consumer_conevents.htm)
6. True
7. False (Only 118)
8. False (Second oldest, behind Boston)
9. True (L.L. No. 18-2005 says as much)
10. False (There’s no Rye Hamlet, though there is a Rye City, Rye Town, Village of Rye Brook, and Rye Neck, aka Town of Mamaroneck, section of Rye City.)

Part 3
1. D (Kraft left Westchester after being purchased by Altria over a decade ago.)
2. E
3. E (The oldest public building is the Bedford Courthouse, which was built in 1787.)
4. A (Thirteen of the 15 New York Knicks live in Westchester County. The two that do not are Malik Rose and Jerome James, who live in Manhattan.)
5. B (Nope, it’s not our suburb that is Disturbia, but rather the outskirts of Los Angeles.)
6. C (She’s buried in Los Angeles.)
7. D (Crompond is either a Dutch word meaning “crooked lake” or just an area named after Cromp Pond in Yorktown. Either way, not Native American. If you thought it was Croton-on-Hudson, “Croton” is named after Chief “Kenotin” or “Knoten,” who lived at the mouth of the Croton River.)
8. E (Daniel D. Tompkins, under James Monroe and Nelson Rockefeller, was Vice President under Gerald Ford and Governor of New York; John Jay was the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court; and Barbara Bush grew up in Rye.)
9. A (Domino made sugar in Yonkers; General Motors and Maxwell-Briscoe made cars in Sleepy Hollow; Lifesavers made hard candy in Port Chester; and Alexander Smith and Sons made carpets in Yonkers.)
10. C (Sorry, it closed in late 2008.)

Part 4
1. D
2. C (The county’s nickname is the “Golden Apple.”)
3. E
4. D (Hamlets are like villages, in that they are communities that are part of cities or towns, but unlike villages in that they have no governing authority.)
5. C

Part 5
D (The line is from the movie Big, which was set at Rye Playland. The main character, Josh, says this to Zoltar, an amusement machine there.)

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