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FAVORITE Cracker Caterer
Like It Because


Jennifer M. Ota
Jennifer’s Kitchen and Catering
Mount Kisco (914) 864-2107
“They’re crispy and not too doughy.”


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Chris Curtin
The Catery
Larchmont (914) 834-1780
“They’re sturdy, light, versatile, and they don’t overpower what you’re going to put on them.”


Taylor Smelser
Taylored Menus
Pleasantville (914) 741-5410
“It has a sweet, anise flavor.”


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Laurie Hander Leahy
Food Fantasies
(914) 523-4110
“It’s a flatbread cracker that’s easy to eat and ideal for spreads.”

New York Flatbreads

Guy Demeo
Unique Affairs Catering
Pleasantville (914) 769-5010
“They work well for different toppings.”

Streit’s Matzo

Jeffery K. Vaden
Soul Luxe
(914) 761-6787
“It’s as versatile as its many different spellings—matzah, matzoh, matsah, matso, and in Yiddish, matze. One can break it neatly or roughly and it’s an excellent base for hors d’oeuvres.”