R5 Prom Updos

Want an unique look for prom this year? Federico Calce, head hair honcho (Federico Salon, 36 E 57th St, 212-262-3027, federicosalon.com), shares one of his secrets: for elaborate updos, use plastic ties—yes, the ones sold in hardware stores used to bundle wires. Inspiration hit while watching the cable guy bundle wires together at his Bronxville home. “I tried it on my twelve-year-old daughter’s hair and it worked perfectly,” he says.

For a truly Dr. Seussian do, Calce suggests pulling all your hair into one large ponytail on top of your head and securing with a plastic tie close to the roots. “Then layer ten to fifteen more ties in all different colors and snip the ends off with scissors. The ties hold the hair upright and it sways beautifully.” If that’s a little too out there, simply pull small pieces of hair to the back and connect them together with the ties.

Of course, you could also go to his Manhattan salon, but be sure to make a reservation; Calce is one busy guy. Yet never too busy for his daughter—he fixes her hair each morning before he heads off for work.