R5 Nurit’s Naturals: A New, Effective Adult-Acne Treatment

After years of futility, a local resident has created her own acne treatment that’s now available in Tarrytown, Chappaqua, and elsewhere

Briarcliff Manor resident Nurit Praeger had a stubborn case of adult acne. “I tried everything from Neiman Marcus to CVS, I went to dermatologists, had facials, read every beauty magazine,” she says. “Then a holistic nutritionist suggested I try coconut oil, and, lo and behold, it worked.” She didn’t want to use oil straight from her kitchen, so she looked online for a commercial product. When she didn’t find anything satisfactory, she began to experiment with different oils and extracts. “In addition to coconut oil and grape-seed oil, I also use emu oil, which isn’t as well known,” says Praeger. “It is the most penetrating oil out there—it’s deeply and completely absorbed.” Now, four years later, Praeger has launched Nurit’s Naturals with a moisturizing cleanser ($36), a hydrating toner ($21), and a deep penetrating serum ($45); available at Au Naturel Health & Beauty in Tarrytown, Cosmetic Boutique in Chappaqua, Pleasantville Pharmacy, The Haven Spa and Wellness Center in Briarcliff Manor, Wake Robin in Croton, and nuritsnaturals.com.