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Ask the Expert

Does yoga offer any real health benefits?


Iron Maiden

Pumping iron competitively has yielded just as much change on the inside for a Tarrytown female bodybuilder.
By: Elzy Kolb


Alternative Workouts

Bored with your exercise routine? A change will do you good.
By: Jonathan Quartuccio


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Westchester Triathalon 2009

Who needs Hawaii? Let the Ironman have Kailua-Kona.
By: Marisa LaScala


Top 10 Drugs

The most commonly dispensed prescription drugs


King of Hearts

Meet White Plains Hospital’s Top Cardiac MD.
By: Lisa Fields


Westchester’s Own Boot Camp – For Women

By: Jonathan Quartuccio


Can Diet Affect Height?


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Smart Water Drinks: a Dumb Idea?

By: Nancy Claus


What to Drink—and What Not to Drink


Home Gym Design

Want a home gym?


Pharm Aid

Q&A with pharmacist Michael Altman of Greenleaf Pharmacy in Hastings-on-Hudson.
By: Laurie Yarnell


Greenwich Hospital’s Hospital-ity

By: Robert Schork

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Hybrid Workouts

Some of this and some of that and, voilà, a new routine.
By: Jonathan Quartuccio


In Case of Emergency

Phelps Hospital’s New State-of-the-Art ER.
By: Laurie Yarnell