R5 Meet Your Health Goals with Westchester Fitness Experts

When it comes to getting in shape, losing weight isn’t everyone’s end-goal—and it’s rarely the only one. Fortunately, today’s philosophies veer away from the one-track, weightlifting-versus-cardio days of yore, and seek to strengthen the entire body—inside and out. Whether your dream is to have a lean figure, develop rock-hard abs, win a half-marathon, touch your toes to the back of your head, or all of the above, Westchester’s fitness experts have the answers.

Toning Up Without Getting Bulky  |  Increasing Muscle Mass
Improving Stamina  |  Running Faster   |  Improving Flexibility
Decreasing Your Heart Rate  |  Staying Motivated!​

Laura Kenyon is a freelance writer originally from Lewisboro. Her favorite workouts are P90X Lean, running on the elliptical, and hiking with her husband and dog. Follow her on Twitter @Laura_Kenyon.

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