R5 In a Pickle

Since 1898, Nick Horman Jr.’s family has been making crisp, fresh-from-the-barrel pickles out of Glen Cove, New York, selling wholesale to delis and restaurants. In 2003, Horman took the company retail, with Horman’s Best Pickles, selling at farmers’ markets in Manhattan. Now, the family company has started a jarred line called New York Deli Pickle; Fairway in Pelham Manor is the first market in the county to stock the cold-cured cukes (most pickle makers heat the cucumbers during the pasteurizing process which, according to Horman, reduces the crisp factor). There are four flavors ($4.99, 1 qt), each packed with whole spices, garlic, and peppers: kosher dill (clean tasting, mildly sweet); spicy kosher dill (decent heat); horseradish kosher dill (mildly pungent); and mustard kosher dill (deeply flavored and a good decongestant!).

Fairway Market
847 Pelham Pkwy, Pelham Manor, 914-712-0011