R5 Health & Fitness 2010

 Body, Mind, Spirit

The County’s most popular trainer; supermarket dieticians; college fitness programs open to you; nifty health and fitness gadgets; seniors offer their “fountain of youth” secrets; how to take your workouts outdoors; and more.

30 Reasons to Get Off the Couch

From flying trapeze in Hartsdale to striptease in Yonkers, we give you 30 ways to look buff for swimsuit season.
By Karen Pallarito

22 Biggest Medical Myths—Exposed!

Can you really catch a cold from being cold—or catch an “unmentionable” from a toilet seat? We consulted the experts to sort out the medical facts from the medical fiction.
By Deborah Skolnik

Special Treatment

Sometimes a general hospital just won’t do. Enter Westchester’s lauded medical specialty centers.
By Deborah Skolnik