R5 Exercises to Improve Flexibility and Golf Swing from Trainer Jeremy Renna of Five Iron Fitness in White Plains, NY

A good golf swing requires flexibility and range of motion, but unless your body has the stability to control all that movement, your swing will be erratic. And stability starts from the ground up, according to Five Iron Fitness trainer Anthony Renna, whose White Plains studio is devoted solely to golf — and regularly attracts outstanding local pros including Craig Thomas, Mike Diffley, and C.J. Reeves, not to mention LPGA Futures Tour pro Nannette Hill.

As with all exercise, warm up first with a few minutes of aerobic activity and don’t force your body to do anything that causes pain. Start slowly and build up your performance gradually. Renna suggests holding each position through one deep breath, then repeat three to five times in both directions.

Five Iron Fitness
188 E. Post Rd. (inside Key Bank)
White Plains. 914-948-3549; www.fiveironfitness.com

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