R5 Combatting Blog Fatigue

Walk into your local bookstore—there’s a rumor one or two still exist—and you’ll likely find a wall of special-interest glossies like Crochet Today! and MacLife (oh, the irony). But if just-obscure won’t do, a bespoke, homespun blog might be your best bet. Here’s a sampling of dedicated sites authored by folks you might run into at Whole Foods…or on Metro-North.  

I Ride the Harlem Line
READ THIS MEOW: Emily, known as “Cat Girl” to her fellow train passengers (for her signature, feline-adorned winter hats), is a commuter whose day job, to the benefit of her blog, is in graphic design. ALL ABOARD: Even New Haven and Hudson Line riders will appreciate I Ride’s insightful take on train history, humor, and observations.  

The Westchester Amateur Winemakers Club 
THE V-IN CLUB: President Marty Yule and his cast of grape enthusiasts lead an active, medal-winning membership that’s produced more than 1,000 gallons of wine in single years past. CRUSHING IT: Consult the site’s handy glossary to brush up on terms like “carbonic maceration” before making a go at guest blogging for the club.  

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Currency Thoughts
A BLOG BY ANY OTHER NAME: Founder Larry Greenberg calls his a website, but 35 years as an international economist and currency market analyst hasn’t gained him much traction in the naming department, we think. CASHING IN: Even if categories like “Foreign Exchange Insights” and “Central Bank Watch” don’t get your fellow cocktail-party-goers’ hearts racing, they’ll at least appreciate your deft references to the Kiwi dollar and Alamo economics after a few Currency-skimming sessions.

  Found in Yonkers
…AND ARDSLEY, AND RYE: Despite the city-specific domain, Jennifer Walford posts essential info about goings-on spanning the County. “POST” SECRET: For fans of anime, manga, gaming, pro wrestling, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and comic book-related events, click the “Suburban Fandom” tab and save yourself from crushing borough crowds.