R5 Coffee with The Chef Sean Coreoran

The Peekskill Brewery

55 Hudson Ave

Dish I Do the Best…fried chicken and waffles.
Favorite Guilty Pleasure Food…I don’t have any guilt about eating anything!
Favorite Cuisine…I’m really passionate about what I’m doing now—gastropub.
Culinary Hero…Gabrielle Hamilton. She’s had a successful bistro [Prune] in the Village for a decade, cooking what she loves.
Last Book Read…Pig Perfect by Peter Kaminsky
The Best Food to Pair with Beer Is…everything piggy.
I Never Eat…eyes or testicles—not my cup of tea.
Favorite Place to Dine Out…Prune, The Spotted Pig.
I Hate It When a Diner at My Restaurant…makes their own menu. Every dish I make is complete, so when someone starts taking it apart, it can be insulting.
I Never Cook with…margarine.
I Hate It When I’m Dining at a Restaurant and…a server asks me if I’m “still working on that.” Dining isn’t work, it’s relaxing! 
The Strangest Request from a Diner…“You sell whole chickens?”
Favorite Pain Reliever…bourbon and aspirin.
My Favorite Website…ideasinfood.com
My Favorite Music Group Is…The Aggrolites.