R5 Best Pizza

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Photo by Tom Moore

Foodie Favorite Pie Where Why
Judith Hausman Guanciale, Black Truffles,
and a Sunny Side-Up Egg
Tarry Lodge
Port Chester
“Earthy to the max, the crust is crispy to the point of being burned, and then there’s Mario’s dad’s cured pig
jowls plus funky black truffles in a mash-up with a sunny side-up egg.”
Diane Weintraub Pohl Fresh Mozzarella,
Fresh Ripe Tomatoes,
and Fresh Basil
Sam’s Italian Restaurant
Dobbs Ferry
“There’s nothing high-falutin’ about welcoming neighborhood ristorante Sam’s or its pies: just fresh mozzarella, chopped tomatoes and basil, good olive oil, and a crisp, blistered crust.“
Julia Sexton Speck, Taleggio, Radicchio and Roasted Olives Tarry Lodge
Port Chester
“I love this pizza for its cheesy, porkophilic excess. It’s a joyous celebration of animal fats that reminds me of Bologna, one of my favorite cities in the world, while shreds of red radicchio add color, and salty roasted black olives add sparkle. In fact, Tarry Lodge is now doing take-out…what’s their number again?”