Q&A: Ossining Second-Grader Nicole Perriott

The Northern Westchester student sounds off on bullying and biking

Nicole Perriott, Ossining | 2nd Grade

What was the best part of 1st grade? Recess, because I like to play with my friends. 

What do your friends tease you about? Nothing, because friends don’t tease you.

How should schools handle bullying? They should teach kids not to bully.  We had an assembly at my school about bullying.

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Have you ever been bullied or bullied someone else? No.

What type of place do you wish your town had for kids your age? Bike paths for kids.

What do you do after school? Homework and reading, Girl Scouts, yoga/gymnastics, or play with my friends, brother, and sister.

What is your favorite school subject? Music—I like to play with the instruments.

What’s your least favorite food? Lima beans.

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Can you cook? What is your specialty? Yes. I like to help my mom make lasagna.

What are you good at? Reading and art, drawing, and coloring.

And not so good at? Football and baseball.

What’s your favorite website? Dreambox.com. It is fun and I like to play the math games.

What else would you like to tell us about yourself? I love Snoopy!

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