Prom Night

I went to my prom:
Yes (61%) No (39%)

If I had to summarize my overall prom experience, I’d say:
It was all right 45%
I had the time of my life 22%
It was an unmitigated disaster 33%

My date for the prom was:
A friend 41%
A total hottie I never saw again. 29%
My husband/wife/partner today 14%
I can’t remember 16%

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As for me:
I wanted to put a bag over my head. 43%
I looked amazing (who doesn’t at that age?) 27%
I wish I had…dressed better 12%
cut my hair 6%
tried more 6%
cared about my looks 4%
stayed home 2%

The music at my prom was:
Decent for its time 53%
Cool and cutting-edge 24%
Lame-o 23%

(For the ladies): The cost of my dress was…
Free (i.e., hand-me-down) 13%
$50-$100 29%
$150-$200 38%
$300-$400 16%
$500+ 4%

The total cost for my prom was:
Under $100 (I’m a cheap date) 27%
$100-$250 47%
$250-$500 14%
More than $500 12%

After the prom, we…
Headed to a friend’s house to hang out some more 37%
Attended an official after-party/breakfast 12%
Went straight home 31%
Snuck away for a romantic rendezvous 20%

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The total cost for my kid’s prom was:
Under $250 (I’m a cheap parent) 14%
$250-$500 45%
$500-$1000 27%
$1,000-$2,000 12%
I took out a second mortgage to pay for it 2%

Thinking back on my prom today, I wish I didn’t fret so much about how
I looked 43%
I could have enjoyed it more 37%
I didn’t say “no” to (whomever) 20%

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