Pre-Dinner Aperitifs: Eight Cocktails to Stimulate Your Appetite

These days, there’s a cocktail for every whim and taste, including the ever-sippable apéritif. This pre-dinner beverage, whose name comes from the Latin word aperire (“to open”), runs the gamut from the humble glass of dry white wine to a mixture of Campari or Dubonnet. Whatever its composition, the allure remains the same: to stimulate—yet never overwhelm—the appetite. Here, area mixologists share their boozy originals, many of which are made to complement cold winter nights.

The Bratoni Cocktail | Kir | Purdy’s Pom Potion
Three Sherries | Spiced Cider | Jalapeño Sangrita
Park Breeze | Andrea’s Basil Martini

Jeanne Muchnick ( is a fan of the apéritif way of life,
which is another way of saying she is happy to linger over a pre-dinner cocktail.