Pow! Burgers Deliver a Punch of Flavor in a Retro-Theme Environment

Pow! Burger
New Rochelle’s independent, comicthemed burger joint is all screaming primary colors and bold graphics, but, hidden behind all the superheroes, is a serious little restaurant. Expect juicy, gooey, prime-beef burgers that adhere to the Shake Shack model (Pow! Burger even has a proprietary beef blend); they come loaded with toppings that range from the exotic (sour cream, A.1. Steak Sauce, and guacamole), to the slightly more standard (cheese, pickles, and bacon). Also, don’t miss wasp-waisted bottles of Mexican Coke and cultish Max and Mina’s Ice Cream from Flushing, New York.
211 Main St, New Rochelle (914) 813-0344; pow-burger.com