Photographer Cristina Coco: What She Wears

Rye family photographer Cristina Coco’s first career was in fashion (from buyer at Barneys New York to national sales director for a major Italian-leather accessories designer). Now, she spends her days chasing after your kids, who look like the angels they really are in her belly-laugh-capturing images, which, she says, require sturdy shoes, a great SPF, and a really big bag to create. 

Her Go-To Uniform:

I love rock-and-roll looks, yet love feminine, soft, beachy clothes. In summer, I will live in some sort of dress if I’m in-studio, meeting with clients, or editing images. I love not having to think about a whole outfit and being cool when it’s humid. When I shoot, I have two ‘go-to’ pairs of ripped jeans [AG and Joe’s]. They are super-comfy without looking sloppy, so I can get down on the ground. 

Fashion Factors:

My clients are amazing women that dress beautifully; when I meet with them, I keep style in mind. Some days I’m very tomboy and classic, other days I wear frayed shirts or big scarfs for color. Typically, I am not a huge color person, and, for shooting, that’s key—the color reflects onto my subjects’ faces and changes their skin tone. So I tend to wear neutrals.

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Where She Shops:

For dressier days, I could die happy at Pamela Robbins in Scarsdale. For casual work clothes, my jeans and t-shirts come from Z-Life Denim Lounge in Rye Brook. The rest of my closet is Calypso St. Barth, Helmut Lang, and Rag & Bone, all cut for taller people—at 5’9”, I have trouble finding clothes that fit my proportions correctly.

In Her Bag:

I spend money on big bags because I need them to last. For shooting in natural landscapes, I change into Converse when I get to my location. I love Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation —a tinted 30 SPF, so you get a little coverage—and I always have Badger Balm Anti Bug Shake and Spray in my camera bag; my clients like that it’s organic for their kids!