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Oyster Primer



These Long Island Sound beauties are probably the first love of many a New York-area oestra-phile. Their familiar salty taste, which pairs perfectly with traditional cocktail sauce, keeps them in demand. 


Glidden Point

Farmed at the bottom of Maine’s frigid Damariscotta River (often harvested by divers), “Gliddens” are large, robust, and meaty.
While newbies might balk at the monster mouthful, fans happily swallow them whole, with just a squeeze of lemon.



These popular Pacific gems from deep water off Oregon are said to have a creamy texture and honeydew flavor, beautifully enhanced by a touch of frosty melon granita on top. Small size and mild flavor has earned them a rep as an excellent starter-oyster.


Island Creek 

This plump mollusk from Duxbury Bay, MA, is known as the only oyster that famed-chef Thomas Keller (The French Laundry) will serve. Topped with caviar in his famous Oysters and Pearls dish, they’re also delicious gulped plain or with just a hint of peppery mignonette.



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