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Our Man, the Bounty Hunter


Peter G. Uliano, 25, isn’t griping about the poor economy. “It’s certainly made business better,” the Pelham-based bail-bond agent and bounty hunter declares. “More arrests.”

Uliano, the youngest person to be licensed as a bondsman in New York State, has been getting defendants to court for the past seven years. He says he earns six figures a year, charging defendants up to 10 percent of the bail amount set. “About sixty percent of Westchester defendants show up. For the ones who skip bail, I switch outfits.” Instead of wearing a suit, he dons jeans, a hoodie, a bulletproof vest, and handcuffs. “No weapons though. I don’t want a cop to see me with a weapon and think I’m the criminal.”

He says he usually finds bail-skippers “at their home or at their girlfriend’s place.”

Exciting work, à la Dog the Bounty Hunter? Not quite. “I don’t do a lot of chasing. Mostly, I’m sitting in a car.” Still his parents worry about his safety. “They wish I was an accountant.”

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