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On a Whim


Talk about a double life. Camille McKay, a 46-year-old mom of two teen daughters, works part-time as a histologist for the Westchester County Medical Examiner’s Office by day, and by night—and on weekends, and whenever she’s not doing microscopic studies of dead people’s organs and tissues—she makes fairy wings and plans fairy parties for children, a business she started—you guessed it—on a whim.

Okay, so studying body organs in a morgue by day and making gossamer fairy wings for little kids by night—that’s quite a disconnect, no?
I needed to balance out my life. I always liked to create, always loved to face paint, and I enjoy providing smiles to young children.

How and when did you get into the fairy-party business?
I started the business almost ten years ago. For one of my daughter’s parties, we planned a fairy party at a local restaurant and the owner, impressed, said I should start my own business. I decided to sell fairy wings at local craft fairs. Someone saw my products and asked if I could create them for her party and also come and face paint. I did it and it was a true success.

How are the fairy wings made and what are the materials?
I use wire, nylon fabric, paints, ribbons, and silk flowers. I can make them any size.

Do you get requests for different kinds of fairy wings and costumes?
Yes, from year to year, the themes change. Right now we do a lot of princess and frog themes, mermaids, pixies, and pirates. A few years back, fairies and wizards were the most popular theme. Another new and very popular theme is our Dancing Diva Party.
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