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No More Dishpan Hands



“If I could have my pick for a home machine, I’d choose the Bosch SHX68E15UC in the Integra 800 Plus Series. It is an extremely quiet machine that has a fifteen place-setting capacity. It is currently the most efficient, environmentally friendly dishwasher on the market, reducing energy by up to twenty-five percent."

Jennifer Scibelli Vellano,
Co-owner Maison Privé, New Rochelle


“I love my Miele Incognito G643 SCVi dishwasher because it is very quiet. It has a cutlery tray on top for silverware so you can wash real silver in the dishwasher. The buttons are on the top so you can put a facade on the front that doesn’t look like a dishwasher if you so choose. Best of all, I've had it for eight years and have never had a problem.”

Candida Canfield,
Founder Dinner in Hand, New Rochelle


“At home, we’ve had the same Whirlpool DU7903XL (Power Cleaner Energy Saver) for ten years. It’s not the quietest, but its reliability and the fact that it works so well makes up for that.”

Brian Butler,
Co-owner Butler Brothers Marketplace and Catering, Harrison

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