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News and Updates from Westchester County Towns


PEEKSKILL—City officials are cautioning residents about a lottery-by-mail scam that’s been sweeping the community. Residents have been receiving letters, informing them that they’ve won an overseas lottery, with an enclosed bogus check, which they are instructed to cash and forward a portion of to cover the lottery’s “processing fee.”

SLEEPY HOLLOW—State environmental officials are raising the bar on the “safe” limits of mercury allowed in soil there, after concluding that the former Duracell plant was not the sole source of the contamination—thereby relieving the battery company of clean-up liability. Their research showed that the soil in the vicinity of the plant was already contaminated with excess mercury long before the plant opened in 1944.

POUND RIDGE—Residents who spotted a pink flamingo roaming around the neighborhood were not hallucinating. Thanks to an ID band on its right leg, the bird was safely returned to its rightful owner, an area resident who keeps a flock of flamingos, several large tortoises, and other creatures.

BEDFORD—Police are trying to assuage residents’ concerns about two registered sex offenders who have moved to Bedford Village and Katonah. One served eight years for sexually abusing five teenage girls; the other served time for rape. Residents gathered for a town hall forum to discuss the issue with village officials.

GREENBURGH—A 16-year-old boy impersonated a police officer to extort sex from a masseuse who had set up “shop” in a room at the Marriott Hotel on White Plains Road. The boy was charged with second-degree criminal impersonation.


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