MP Taverna’s Gyro-Spiced Slider is an All-Beef, All-Greek Foodie Alternative

If the best things come in small packages, this is proof positive. Dripping with tzatziki sauce and bursting with Mediterranean flavors, you can’t eat just one. Luckily, that’s the point.

Gyro-Spiced Slider at MP Taverna
Imagine a burger that dreams of being something different. At MP Taverna, the same steaky, super-beefy meat of the main-course burger appears in miniature appetizer sliders, anointed with compelling Greek herbs, sparkling preserved lemon, and Chef Michael Psilakis’ unbelievably lush tzatziki sauce. It’s delicious—beefy, salty, herby, and full of luxurious dairy. Plus, because it’s a slider, it always leaves you wanting more.
1 Bridge St, Irvington (914) 231-7854;