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In our modern world, email has reigned as one of the most commonly used forms of communication. However, emails lack the personal touch that handwritten letters once conveyed. Enter Pelham website developer Sharon Gaffney, 42, who founded MeebleMail in June. Gaffney’s MeebleMail allows users to apply their name, a monogram, motif, address, phone number, and up to three lines of text to their choice of stationery. Its slogan is, “Add a little ‘me’ to your email.” Currently compatible with AOL, Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail, MeebleMail will soon be available for use with Outlook. For $4.99, you can purchase unlimited use of a stationery design for one year.

    Although, at launch, MeebleMail’s target audience was women aged 25 to 60, the company now is developing designs to appeal to men and to the youth market. Additionally, MeebleMail will be offering the creation of custom designs for businesses.

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