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After putting the final touches on their college applications, many high school seniors set their sights on spring break—a glamorized week of sunbathing, clubbing, and boozing. Last year, the recession forced party-loving teens to take staycations instead of tropical getaways.

Based on early bookings, though, the party may be starting up again. According to Farecast.com, teens are traveling again, thanks, in part, to great airline deals. Travel agencies and students alike now use social networking sites like Facebook to organize and spread the word about trips. One Facebook group entitled “Scarsdale High School 2010 Spring Break,” which was used to plan a trip to the Bahamas, boasts close to 50 members.

Consequently, travel agents are hopeful. “More people are booking later—even just two or three weeks before their trip—because they are waiting to see where they can go and what deals and offers will be available,” says Priscilla Alfano, team leader of Liberty Travel in White Plains. “But things are definitely on the up.”

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