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Local Wedding Photographers from Westchester County Share Their Favorite Wedding Images


To a bride and groom, what goes into a great wedding photo is pure magic—an inexplicable mix of mood, lighting, setting, and photographer mojo. Wedding photographers, on the other hand, know that it takes just a little bit more than hoping for something great to happen when they click the shutter button. Here, our photographers share some of their favorite images from the past year and why they were so taken by them.

“This was just one of many wonderful images we were able to create. All factors were working in our favor that day—excellent weather, great locations, an attractive couple, and plenty of time. They were so easy to work with, and so natural in front of my camera.”
—Eric Wessman, H&H Photographers, Irvington
“I’m always inspired by the people that we get to meet, much more so than any photographic cleverness of my own. John leaned over to give Genevieve a spontaneous kiss just to let her know what an amazing day he was having. The reflection of the setting sun in the window behind them seemed absolutely perfect for the way it symbolized the spectacular way their day was going.”
—Ulysses, Ulysses Photography, Middletown, NY

“All those expensive accessories—shoes, rings, jewelry, and lace from the wedding dress—that are extremely important to any bride, look amazing photographed in a contemporary style.”
—Julia Juliati, Juliati Photography, White Plains

“When I scouted the location prior to the wedding, this particular spot really caught my eye. The rough background makes for a great contrast behind the couple, and the light is soft and gorgeous. Most important, the connection between these two is plainly evident. I always stress to my couples the importance of getting some ‘alone time,’ when I can create some memorable and meaningful images for them. This image is a perfect example of that.”
—Eve Prime, Poppy Studio, Irvington

“We drove to a walking bridge over the Croton Reservoir for photographs. With this photograph, I captured the essence of how much fun this couple truly has together.”
 —Kerri Hamm, KLH Photography, Mohegan Lake



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