Livin’ La E-Vida Loca

This month, we asked you how plugged-in you are—or aren’t.

When it comes to technology, I consider myself:
Low-tech—I’m still clinging desperately to my 8-tracks and rotary-dial phone (32%)
Fairly high-tech—I usually like new “gadgets” and try to keep up with the times (43%)
A card-carrying geek—I’m the one camped outside the Apple store at 3 am to buy the newest iWhatever (25%)

I own/have a…
Notebook, laptop, or netbook computer 94%
iPod or other MP3 music player 92%
Desktop computer 79%
iPhone, Android, or other smart phone 70%
High-def TV 53%
Netflix subscription 51%
Blu-ray player 49%
E-reader 32%
iPad or other tablet 25%

My main source of news is via:
Internet/web 36%
Newspaper/print 25%
I don’t seek out the news (ignorance is bliss) 11%
TV 15%
E-readers 9%
Radio 4%

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My primary method of voice communication at home is:
Cellphone 60%
New “landline” telephone service via cable TV provider 25%
Old-school landline telephone 15%

My preferred method of communication is:
Cellphone 38%
Texting 21%
Facebook/Twitter 19%
Email 15%
Landline 5%
Snail mail 2%

My cellphone…
…has some enjoyable bells and whistles, like a camera and a music player 36%
…should be nicknamed “Mission Control,” because it’s so advanced you could launch and land the Space Shuttle with it 34%
…is modern, but no-frills 21%
…is one of those “brick” phones with a whip antenna, circa 1995 9%

Do you have a Facebook or Twitter Account?
Yes 89%
No 11%

If yes, how often are you on it?
Once a Day 40%
A few times a day 34%
Weekly 15%
I’m a charter member of Social Media Anonymous 11%

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How do you usually watch movies?
On cable 39%
Netflix 38%
At the theater 17%
By schlepping to the video store 6%

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