Lily Bree

A 4-year-old female Golden Retriever.

Her human: Jacki Madden, age 12, of Armonk  

Why a Golden: We had another one and loved the breed.

Significance of her name: Bree was her mother’s name and I just liked Lily.

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Her personality is: Very sweet.

Most fearful of: The very scary vacuum.

Best party trick: Keeping a balloon in the air.

Her crew includes: Several great dog pals—Joey, her sister, who is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel; Callie, another Golden, who is her best friend and vacation buddy; and Baxter, a 110-pound lazy white Lab who lives across the street.

What makes her extra special: She loves people.

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If she were a famous person, she would be: Taylor Swift—because she’s so sweet and nice.

Day gig: Hostess. She talks to people when they arrive at our home and she’s excited to see them.

Favorite activity: Swimming and leaping into pools after her tennis balls.

Snoozes at night: In my bed.

Most endearing habit: She speaks to people—like a crying/talking voice—when she first sees them.

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Most annoying habit: Nudging for attention.

On her iPod: Harmonica music.

Fave nosh: The cupcake she gets with a candle each year on her birthday. She really gobbles it down.

Most spent on her: $3,000 for orthopedic surgery.

She thinks she is: A person.

I think she is: Also a person!

She absolutely hates: Having her ears cleaned.

Signature fashion accessory: Feather boas.

Also seen sporting: Tutus, scarves, and bandanas.

Naughtiest behavior ever: Peeing on a new rug.

Special skill: Winning contests. This is her fifth! She started with a “Cutest Puppy” win in Greenwich and then won three Halloween costume parades.

Most memorable costume: The Little Mermaid in New York’s Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade. She wore a long red wig and was pulled on a wagon decorated with confetti and seashells like the ocean. She lay there the whole time not moving, just like a mermaid.