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Letters To The Editor

Defending the Island


I take offense to Esther Davidowitz’s sarcastic comments regarding building a highway tunnel linking the L.I.E. in Oyster Bay to I-287. Some of us West­chesterites actually grew up on “Lawn Guyland.” No thanks, I don’t want a subscription to Westchester Magazine. Perhaps I’ll just take that money and see if I can get Newsday delivered.

Linda Tommasulo, Ossining

I absolutely was offended by the editor’s making fun of the stereotypical “Lawn Guyland” accent. I realize it was said in jest, but it really shows another “Worst of Westchester”: snobby, ignorant people who think they are better than others.

Laura Cox, Bedford


Esther Davidowitz Responds:

Sorry you felt offended by my remark. However, the “Worst of Westchester” was written entirely tongue-in-cheek. I certainly hope you can move past this or, as they say in Brooklyn: “Fuggedaboutit.”

A Matter of Tastelessness


I ‘d like to comment on the piece you did on Sam Pines and his beer pong van. Please know that that van is parked on Ingham Road in Briarcliff, the street on which our elementary school is located, so each day our children get to drive or walk by this extremely tasteless van with the half-naked girls on it. Just great!

We parents work so hard to delay the onset of drinking. As co-president of the Briarcliff PTA, I can tell you we have worked tirelessly to bring programs concerning substance abuse to our students and parents. Your magazine applauds this young man’s entrepreneurship. Did you realize that when he played his first game of beer pong he was 19? The legal drinking age is 21. Now we know that college kids are drinking, but do you need to spotlight it?  

You should have included it in “The Worst of Westchester” article instead.

Heidi Roth, Briarcliff Manor


Oops: In the July “Best of Westchester 2008” feature, under the entry “Best Chef, Neil Ferguson at Monteverde at Oldstone Manor,” the restaurant was listed incorrectly as being located in White Plains. It is in Cortlandt Manor.

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