Learn To Swing Like A Golf Pro

CLAY Health Club + Spa opens Westchester’s most advanced golf lab.

Golf is a simple game. But nearly everybody takes a more complex approach, especially these days, when technology can tell you whether you’re hitting the ball with the clubs best suited to your swing.

CLAY Health Club + Spa in Port Chester has brought the most advanced club-fitting technology in the game to Westchester. It’s a comprehensive sports lab equipped with the GEARS full-swing and body-tracking system under the management of golf professional Michael Manavian. 

CLAY’s dedicated lab measures every nuance of your swing, helping Manavian determine not just what you’re doing right or wrong but what your clubs are doing to help or hurt your score, too. Golfers wear 30 motion sensors (some are attached to the club) and swing while eight ultra-HD cameras capture more than 600 images from all angles, providing instant biomechanical feedback. An on-screen avatar shows your movements in real time, then allows detailed measurements of every angle in the swing down to the hundredths of a degree.

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“We measure—we don’t guess,” says Manavian, who has been working with area pros and players since the club opened in September. “This is where body movement analysis intersects with golf instruction.”

Details: A 60-minute GEARS three-dimensional
golf analysis is $250 and scheduled by appointment.

CLAY Health Club + Spa
11 Riverdale Ave, Port Chester (914) 937-5000 www.insideclay.com/portchester