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La Chinita Poblana


A far stretch from the worse-than-average Tex-Mex restaurant that used to occupy the same address, La Chinita Poblana has attracted the attention of locals, who are realizing that something great is going on at this authentic Mexican restaurant.

Whether it’s girls’ night out, date night, or a whole family affair, warm vibes and cold Margaritas help you settle into an enjoyable evening at this cozy Mexican restaurant on Irvington’s main thoroughfare. Waiters are friendly and attentive and are happy to explain everything on the menu or offer opinions. Make a reservation, or walk in and take a seat at the bar to get straight to business with a three-chili Margarita that’s smoky with just a hint of spice—it  won’t disappoint. 

The modest menu doesn’t overload you with options, but there’s still a meal for everyone (vegetarians and picky eaters included). Slightly out of vogue among other restaurants, La Chinita Poblana’s menu does not change with the seasons, although it may include seasonal options on occasion.

Fish ceviche is done right as La Chinita Poblana.

Classic Mexican flavors are perfected in bright, citrusy fish ceviche; carne asada with grilled cactus leaves; and sticky, earthy mole sauce over roasted duck. Standbys like chicken flautas are overshadowed by much more flavorful options like stuffed chiles rellenos and shrimp in tequila sauce. Grilled corn on the cob topped with crumbled Cotija cheese and lime juice is a traditional Mexican street food that makes you feel summery all year long. Stick around for dessert—you’re in for a treat. Choose sweet, creamy flan or dip sugarcoated churros into vanilla and chocolate sauces.

Unpretentious and inviting, La Chinita Poblana keeps the guacamole and Margaritas coming and is gaining traction as a favorite spot in the neighborhood.

WHAT TO ORDER: grilled cactus, stuffed chiles rellenos, guacamole, ceviche, carne asada, duck in mole sauce


61 Main St, Irvington
(914) 231-9398; www.chinitapoblanany.com


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