Karen Houghton Interiors Draws Inspiration from Area Rug

Pattern, texture and color in a Nepalese rug dictate a dining room design scheme.

Interior Designers: Karen Houghton and Andrea Ackermann 
Karen Houghton Interiors
Location: Pelham
“Both Andrea and I were inspired by the initial selection   of the Nepalese custom area rug,” says designer Karen Houghton. “It has a lively basket-weave pattern of interwoven neutral bands, and wonderful complex colors of taupe, camel, and charcoal. It became the palate and anchor of the room.”

Whitlock: Good variation of patterns along with a good balance of light and dark. Interesting light fixture.
Kossar: The neutral color scheme and dark wood surfaces create a tailored, elegant dining room.
Mintz: A calm and elegant design using rectilinear shapes throughout to give a sense of classical order and beauty.