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Whether it’s for your massage therapist, cab driver, or hairstylist, do you ever wonder what the proper tip should be? Ditto here. To help, we consulted with White Plains-based etiquette coach Rosa McLeish, who owns The New York School of Etiquette and Protocol. “In general, the amount of the tip is always fifteen to twenty-five percent for a job or service well done,” she says. “If the job or service was not deserving of a reward, then do not insult the potential recipient with change or a small amount, though be mindful of your tips in restaurants. For example, it is not the server’s fault if the chef overcooked the food. If the service was good, reward.”

Here’s a list of basic services and their proper tips, according to McLeish.

Babysitter: not regularly done (though a holiday tip is nice)
Barber: 15-20 percent
Cab (regular ride): 15 percent; provide an extra $1 per bag if help is provided
Cab (to the airport): 15-20 percent depending on baggage handling
Car wash: $1-$2
Coat check: $1 per coat
Full-service gas station: Not regularly done
Hair salon/stylist: 15-20 percent (not done if the owner of the shop cuts your hair)
Hair salon/shampoo person: $2-$5
Maid in a hotel: $2-$5 per night stay
Manicure/pedicure: 15 percent
Masseuse: 15-20 percent
Tailor: not generally done
Valet: $2
Waiter/waitress: 15-25 percent

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