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There’s something brand new under the sun when it comes to keeping cool—and we’re huge fans already. Enter the new Air Multiplier fan by Dyson. Not only does it look, well, cool, it has no fast-spinning blades to catch errant hairs or little fingers. No blades means no grills to clean and no choppy, annoying blasts of air—just a smooth, constant airflow instead. Also offered: touch-tilt, 90-degree oscillation and dimmer-switch power control.

So how the heck does it work? Credit that exclusive air multiplier technology—it uses an airfoil-shaped ramp, much like a cross-section of an airplane wing, to amplify the air 15 times. Not an engineer either? Not to worry. Plug it in, turn it on, and aah…you’re cool with it. The 10-inch table fan retails for $230; a 12-inch for $330. Available at all Bed, Bath & Beyond locations. For more information: dyson.com.

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