Is That Butter Inside the Blazer Burger?

Blazer Pub
There are secrets hidden in the Blazerburger. First of all, it’s nearly spherical. Plus, a popular rumor (totally unconfirmed) states that, hidden inside, there’s a butter patty, all melted and ready to pounce. When you bite into a Blazer burger, juice literally jets from inside the burger, drenching its bottom bun and, most likely, your arm. The Blazer’s owners laugh off The Butter Pat Theory: “Our burger is just great, one hundred percent beef—but it’s never been frozen.” When you commit to a Blazer burger, remember to keep a napkin handy—though bringing a shirt is strangely optional at this cash-only, circa 1971 roadhouse. When we visited, we caught this welcome: “Gentlemen, Please No Tank Tops or Sleeveless Shirts. Shirts Are Available, C’Mon In!”
440 Rte 22, Purdys (914) 277-4424;