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Interior Designers' Favorite Design Projects: Designer: Jane Bell of Jane Bell Interior Design


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Photo by Kara Stewart

Designer: Jane Bell
Jane Bell Interior Design
22 Forest Ln, Scarsdale (914) 723-0005


The husband loved Mission-style furniture; the wife wanted contemporary. Designer Jane Bell was called in to find a way to blend both styles into one happy interior in this Armonk home with “great architectural bones but no real style.”

Photo by VHT Photography

The foyer table and zebra wood mirror from Profiles give a strong presence and a transitional feel to the home. The client’s brother, an architect, designed the columns and center divider. “We decided to keep the center divider open and light the underneath so it wouldn’t look too heavy,” Bell says. “I loved the height changes in the space which also help define the individual areas. The columns are a clean, strong architectural element and I chose the bright white to pop them against the softer palette of the room.”

Photo by VHT Photography

Gold silk draperies give relief to the deep color and tie in the carpet.” The dining-room table, lattice chairs, and living room sofas are by L. & J.G. Stickley; the coffee tables were made by a New York City artist.


Photo by VHT Photography

A new contemporary Tibetan-style geometric carpet for the dining room played off the traditional floral carpet in the living room. The walls are painted a custom blend, “a little mauve but not too pink or purple,” Bell says. “Gaye Grossman from Somerset Finishes did the sky-blue Venetian plaster in the raised area above the dining table which shimmers at night when the lights are on.

How does classic mesh with contemporary?
“As long as the scale is the same, Mission and contemporary work nicely together. Mission doesn’t have to look old-fashioned—I chose a purple Donghia fabric for the Stickley sofa instead of more traditional colors.”

Were there any “hold your breath” moments?
“I had the two acid-washed acrylic cocktail tables made by an artist in New York City. We chose the color palette and hoped that they acid-washed it the way we wanted—the process doesn’t guarantee a specific look and each piece is unique. The clients were willing to try it and ended up loving the results.”

What was your favorite part of this project?
“I really liked these clients. They had definite ideas about what they liked but were willing to explore each other’s tastes. They also trusted me to guide them and we had fun with it.”




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