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In Case of Emergency


No one, of course, wants to suffer a serious medical condition or injury that requires a visit to the emergency room. But if you do have an emergency, the new state-of-the-art Emergency Room at Phelps Memorial Hospital Center, a 235-bed community hospital in Tarrytown, is where you’d want to find yourself. The $12 million, 18,000-square-foot facility—three times the size of the previous space—boasts the latest advances in patient care and medical technology, the result of fact-finding trips a Phelps task force made to medical centers throughout the tri-state region. 

So just what makes the Phelps ER so special? For one thing, private rooms with televisions. “Phelps is one of only a few hospitals in the New York metropolitan area that takes the ER patient directly into an actual private room, rather than a waiting room,” says Phelps Chief Operating Officer Bruce Davidow.

Also noteworthy: a new 24-hour on-site radiology suite, featuring a CT scanner with cardiac capabilities. According to Michael Glennon, administrative director of radiology, fewer than 20 percent of hospitals with ERs have one. On-site radiology capability means shorter waits for testing and for test results. “The new ER decreases bottlenecks in care,” says Dr. Emil Nigro, director of emergency services at Phelps since 1984.

Other new features include a separate pediatric treatment area with five child-friendly rooms, an isolation unit for patients with infectious conditions, and decontamination units for radiological, biological, or chemical emergencies. So what does this new hi-tech ER not have? The traditional patient waiting room with sticky, hard plastic chairs and two copies of National Geographic circa 1997.

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