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Global glamour and contemporary chic have their placeS, but if you‘re searching for the hottest home trend in the country, look no further than your own carbon footprint. Green living is more than fashionable, more than PC, it’s here to stay. And, as we learned while researching this issue, Westchester professionals are gearing up to help you get there (in high style, to boot).

If you’re like me, you’ve waded a bit into the green pool and still are considering how to go deeper. Hybrid cars and solar panels may be down the line, but what smaller steps can we take to get to that point? And, should we be so bold as to take a major plunge (Westchester is, after all, well situated for solar power, producing about 90 percent of the electricity as California’s solar panels), to whom do we turn for help?

These questions were the impetus behind this issue, which focuses on eco-friendly products, environmentally conscious professionals, green homes, and all-around mindful living. Whether it’s a big-ticket conversion toward energy-efficient heating and cooling or small steps toward healthful living, we hope to enlighten you as well as lighten your impact on the earth.
I’ve had many “aha” moments while putting together this issue. For one, I became keenly aware of the humming of the printer next to my desk, which spews so much paper during the workday that its buzz is like an occupational white noise. It got me thinking about my own paper trail: how many reams do I go through a month? A year? And how much paper does it take to print 30,000 copies of the magazine you now hold in your hands?

Trading my editor’s pen for an investigator’s hat, I went on a quest to find out. Turns out, this issue is printed on recycled paper containing 10 percent post-consumer content, which has motivated me to recycle every last scrap of paper that comes across my desk. If a beautiful magazine can be produced from my leftover bills and scribbled notes, I can’t help but wonder what can be created from other castoffs. I am inspired.

Inspiration is what we hope to provide in this issue, complete with a healthy dose of ideas, strategies, and resources. If you want even more local finds, check out our website at westchestermagazine.com. After all, what could be greener than a paperless magazine?

Dana Asher

Executive Editor

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