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How Friendly Is Your Paycheck?


Everyone loves when payday rolls around — but soon, reality usually sets in when bills and other life necessities need to be paid. Have you ever wondered how far your paycheck really goes? A study by financial tech company SmartAssest recently revealed the friendliest places for your paycheck in New York State, and we’ve got good news. Westchester County made the cut!

The study looked at four factors to determine each location’s level of friendliness: semi-monthly paycheck, purchasing power, unemployment rate, and income growth. In other words, SmartAsset looked at a paycheck after taxes and how much a person can buy with it, alongside the number of people without jobs and any increases in how much money people make. The higher the final number is after all calculations, the friendlier the paycheck in the specified county.

Westchester County is ranked at number eight on the list, with neighbor Putnam County and Long Island’s Nassau County ranking at the number one and two spots, respectively. In total, the results of the study give us the top 10 counties that all faired well in their friendly paycheck number. Curious to know what other counties made the cut? Check out the rest of the SmartAsset study here.

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