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Hot Plates | September 30, 2008


Spadaro –a kitchy, all-about-big-food Italian spot in New Rochelle–has Westchester diners lining up to score one of its 36, jammed-in seats. The reason? Besides huge portions, Spadaro greets its diners with warm slices of lightly toasted bread, drizzled with olive oil, and served with a fresh clove of garlic. Scrape the garlic across the generously salted toast –it’s hard, uneven surface will act like a grater. Oily, salty, crisp, and delicious, this is garlic bread in irreducible perfection.

And cheapskates take note–Spadaro is strictly BYOB for now, so you can even show up with brown-bagged, un-marked-up vino. Just remember: given Spadaro’s portions, you might want to bring a lot of wine.

Spadaro 211 Main St, New Rochelle (914) 235-4595