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Hot Plates | July 7, 2008


BSF’s Kory Wollins isn’t resting on any laurels. Since opening our area’s closest nod to Danny Meyers’ wildly popular Shake Shack, Kory’s Burgers, Shakes and Fries has been covered in New York Magazine, as well as in our own esteemed pages. While other frappe–shops might be content with a squirt of canned syrup, Wollins is concocting his own thoughtful flavorings: he simmers loads of butter with whole vanilla pods, sugar and kosher salt. Mixed with BSF’s super-thick shake base, the result is his buttery and sophisticated salted caramel shake. Part drink, part dessert, it conjures up some our favorite salt-sprinkled confections, most notably, those stunningly expensive French caramels glittering with fleur de sel. And while waits can get long at this super popular burger bar, we always stop by in the late afternoon. Our luscious double cheeseburger (with bacon); crisp, potato-ey fries, and a soulful, salted caramel shake will satisfy our burger jones for at least an entire week.

And here’s some hot-off-the-presses news: BSF has been so successful that Wollins is looking at other spaces in Fairfield and Lower Westchester Counties. While he’s not fully committed to a concept, he’s brain storming inexpensive ethnic restaurant genres like tapas and dumpling bars. Whatever he lands on, we know we can’t wait.

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