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Home Theater, September 2012


The Avengers
Release Date: September 25, Walt Disney Studios
Home Entertainment
When this movie was released in the summer, it made roughly a bajillion dollars, so, chances are, you’ve already seen it—twice. But, with six superheroes teaming up and marauding around the planet, there’s definitely enough going on for another look. (Or, really, it’s worth re-watching just to see the part where the Hulk punches Thor.) And, for the first time in a Marvel movie, the Blu-ray disc comes with a gag reel, so you can see the less-than-
super moments that took place while making the film.



The Cabin in the Woods
Release Date: September 18, Lionsgate Home Entertainment
Okay, let’s say you don’t want to re-watch The Avengers, but you do want another movie that approximates its zip and energy. Try The Cabin in the Woods, which was co-written by Joss Whedon, who co-wrote and directed The Avengers. On its surface, it might look like your average teens-in-the-woods scary movie, but it turns out to be much more clever, eventually turning horror-
movie conventions on its head. (Warning: There will be blood.)



Damsels in Distress
Release Date: September 25, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Now to breathe more rarified air: This is the first film in 14 years from director Whit Stillman, whose movies often focus on society’s self-styled upper crust. (His previous movie was The Last Days of Disco.) Damsels in Distress focuses on a trio of women who want to be a civilizing influence on their otherwise slovenly campus. And if the picturesque, unnamed setting of the film looks familiar, it’s because some scenes were shot in Bronxville.


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